Grafolik Printing House


High quality printing is our core business. Organizational and production capacities give us the opportunity to complete work in a very short time, while maintaining an already recognizable level of quality.

More than three decades of dedicated work in the graphic industry are our guarantee that we can meet all customer requirements in the field of offset and digital printing, and to achieve lasting and successful cooperation in the fields of graphic design and preparation.

A team of 25 employees approaches each job with equal attention and desire. The daily work activities of all employees are aimed at achieving the highest possible quality of the ordered graphic product or service, which leads to customer satisfaction, but at the same time all those who participate in the realization of the work.

Business policy

Modern business understanding, professional staff and modern equipment make Grafolik Printing House a reliable partner in the field of printing and visual communications. Special attention is paid to the relationship with clients and good business communication as a proven means of meeting the needs of users of our services.

Since its founding in 1990, Grafolik Printing House has gone from a small printing services company to a company with a wide range of services in the field of printing industry and a complete production process in its own plant, thus competitive in both domestic and foreign markets. .

Over the years of quality work, we have built a reputation based on the high quality of products and services provided with understanding and respect for customer needs.

Business vision

Business vision Considering the expertise and experience of employees gained during the years of successful work and continuous training in the profession, we have the opportunity to offer more than just the press. We are ready at any time to share this knowledge with customers and users of our services and provide advice on the choice of materials and all other tips that can lead to raising the level of quality to the mutual satisfaction.

Grafolik aims to maintain its high position in the offset and digital printing market in the future. We believe that such a goal can be achieved primarily by maintaining and constantly improving the quality of printing, but also a professional attitude towards work, close cooperation and understanding of customer needs, using only quality materials.